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Stay powered up with our backup & emergency rental generator service.

Our diesel generators set the standard in portable, scalable power generation – they’re reliable, efficient, cost-effective and easy to use. We’ve taken care of environmental concerns with industry-leading soundproofing, emission control that meets all standards, and fully bundled fuel tanks to eliminate leaks. And because we offer a range of sizes, we can customize our generators to your needs. We can combine them in different ways to deliver the exact amount of power for your site and they can be synchronized for load sharing – ideal if you’re using them to supplement your own generators, or boosting the local grid.

How we supply our generators

We house our generators in either a soundproofed box (called a canopy), or enclose them in custom-designed 20-ft standard ISO containers – which provides enhanced security, durability and easy transportation by road, rail, sea or air. Our canopy generators are suitable for use in residential areas and perfect for smaller projects and short-term power needs. And the ones in containers are ideal for high-profile events, large-scale construction, manufacturing and engineering projects, and electricity distribution networks.

Our diesel generators are commercial and construction-grade and loaded with quality features that satisfy even the most demanding power generation applications. We offer both towable diesel generators and standalone models, capable of power from 15 to 2000 KVA and in multi-megawatt capacities, perfect for your temporary power needs.

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