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Quick Overview

We also offer Air Conditioners on short term or long term period and our service team is fully equipped to ensure the best quality of equipment.

Our range of cooling products for hire can be used in a home, work or industrial setting; and include cooling fans, air conditioners, and coolers.

We offer:

Window Air Conditioner - It is a regular window air conditioner that you always look at any premises or office.

Tower AC - Tower Portable air conditioners are movable units that can be used to cool a specific region of a building or home in a modular fashion, also not requiring permanent installation.

Ducting AC - These are most cost effective and efficient method of conveying cold air from point to point, and distributing it where its needed.


  • Corporate companies that conduct film production
  • Hospitals
  • Outdoor events
  • IT rooms
  • Data centres (Servers)

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