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Lifting Equipment

Clexen Rentals provides a diverse fleet of cranes available for rental anywhere in India. Our cranes can be rented bare or with one of our highly trained, safety conscious, and professional operators.

Clexen offers the newest crane fleet in the industry, with the right equipment and unique support tools to ensure safety and productivity across a wide range of lift applications. From carry-decks to boom trucks, truck cranes to rough terrains, and all-terrains to crawlers, our fleet can bring performance and results to any size project.

Clexen Rentals has the equipment, resources, and staff to execute a wide variety of project responsibilities complementary to a project’s specific lifting requirements. Clexen Rentals' involvement in a project from the outset maximizes job efficiency and overall safety.

We offer 24x7x365 availability and emergency response for all of your after-hours and unexpected lifting needs.

Tell the Clexen Rentals team exactly what you need and they'll happily do the rest.

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