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Fax Machines

Fax Machines Hire Services

Clexen Rentals has a great range of fax machine rental options so you can send important documents quickly and efficiently. 

There are also a wide variety of styles available. Choosing the best fax machine depends on two factors:

I. How often do you send and receive faxes?


Multifunction Machines


Dedicated Fax Machines

Only send and receive faxes occasionally? All-in-one fax machines print, copy and scan. You can upgrade all your office equipment with one purchase.

Do you send and receive more than a few pages a day? A dedicated fax machine allows  you to fax as much as you need without tying up other office equipment.

II. Where will you use the machine?

There are three types of fax machines, each best suited to different office environments.


Ribbon Transfer Machines


Inkjet Machines


Multifunction Machines

Best for : occasional                                 individual use

  • Low rentals
  • Lowest print quality
  • Slowest print speed
  • Highest cost-per-page

Best for : moderate business                     use

  • Higher¬†rentals
  • Better print quality
  • Faster print speed
  • Lower cost-per-page

Best for : heavy use in large                   offices

  • Highest rentals
  • Best print quality
  • Fastest print speed
  • Lowest cost-per-page

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