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Track-Mounted Bulldozers

wheel mounted bulldozer

Wheel-Mounted Bulldozers

A Bulldozer is one of the common and widely used construction equipment, usually run on diesel. They are heavy, tracked vehicles with a large, metal plate - a blade - in front, capable of pushing material, such as dirt, sand, snow or debris, or even breaking through walls or other obstacles on demolition projects.

Bulldozers are used for the following purposes:

  • In coal fields: for coal mining and feeding
  • To drag and manoeuvre heavy objects during construction or demolition activities
  • For solid waste management in landfills
  • To pack dirt and landscaping at construction sites
  • In the early stages of construction of roads and parking lots
  • For other allied jobs like work in power plants, grading processes, levelling of earth, coal ash loading and ash dam management

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